Coffee Tea

This 40 inch wide by 30 inch wide painting is inspired by both my love of coffee and my love of tea. Deciding on both is better than deciding on one or the other. The still life also features a beautiful blue and white towel pattern. This oil on canvas painting is completely painted around the edges.

Artist: Rachel Srinivasan
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 40" X 1.5" X 30"
Size: Large
Created: 2017
Status: Available
Subscription Plan: Art Lover ($99)
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About the Artist: Rachel Srinivasan

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I began drawing by incessantly scribbling on paper as a one and a half year old. I continued to scribble until I could color between the lines and grew callouses on my fingers. Most of my formative years were spent in Omaha, Nebraska. I discovered my love of figurative art before high school and studied at the Bemis Fine Art Center. While in high school I received the Marie Walsh Sharpe Scholarship and attended the Marie Walsh Sharpe camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I preferred working in acrylics and ink during this formative period. Then, I traveled abroad to live and study in Rome, where I was immersed in ... [More]