Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning is an eye catching painting due to the use of silverleaf, which truly allows light to bounce off the painting giving you the feeling you are outside looking at the water yourself. It looks different from various angels even. It is acrylic and silverleaf done on a 24 x 36 x 1.5 ” canvas that comes ready to hang. The sides are painted to match the painting. The colors are subtle shades of cream, yellow, gray and a purple that is like an eggplant color. Very soothing to look at.

Artist: Kelly Gowan
Medium: Acrylic and silverleaf on canvas
Dimensions: 36" X 1.5" X 24"
Size: Medium
Created: 2019
Status: Available
Subscription Plan: Art Enthusiast ($49)
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About the Artist: Kelly Gowan

Kelly is a modern abstract artist that enjoys working in resin, acrylic and cold wax. She is a full time artist living in a lake in East Texas just 2 hours from Dallas.