Maple Leaf

“Maple Leaf” is a 3D resin painting of a Japanese red maple tree. It is created on a 48 x 19 x 2 custom made cradled birch wood canvas. The background is done in a resin white mixture, with cut out acrylic maple leaves sitting in the resin. Under the white resin is red, so the leaves look red! The bark of the tree is black with traces of red veins. It is stunning in person and incredibly unique with the 3D individual maple leafs cut out. It comes ready to hang with sides painted to match.

Artist: Kelly Gowan
Medium: Resin, acrylic, inks on wood
Dimensions: 19" X 2" X 41"
Size: Small
Created: 2018
Status: Available
Subscription Plan: Art Lover ($99)
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About the Artist: Kelly Gowan

Kelly is a modern abstract artist that enjoys working in resin, acrylic and cold wax. She is a full time artist living in a lake in East Texas just 2 hours from Dallas.