Restful Oak

“Restful Oak” is a 3D Mixed Media Abstract painting of an old oak tree. It is 55 x 44 x 2″. It is done on cradled birch wood. The tree stands out and is the 3D part. The painting is done with various inks, acrylics and resin and manipulated with a blowtorch and my hands. The colors are gray, white, cream, navy, and caramel. This piece is definitely a conversation piece! It can fill up a large wall and truly make a statement.

Artist: Kelly Gowan
Medium: resin, wood, inks, on wood
Dimensions: 55" X 2" X 44"
Size: Large
Created: 2018
Status: Available
Subscription Plan: Art Collector ($149)
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About the Artist: Kelly Gowan

Kelly is a modern abstract artist that enjoys working in resin, acrylic and cold wax. She is a full time artist living in a lake in East Texas just 2 hours from Dallas.