The New Age

The New Age has warm, saturated colors and bold outlines, brushwork, all call attention to this painting. the theme is change, and the feeling of impermanence and uncertainty from living in a world that changes at a growing pace

Genre: Neutral Nouveau
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 40" X 0.5" X 30"
Created: 2019
Retail Gallery Price: $2950
Status: Available
Subscription Plan: Art Collector

About the Artist: Arun Prem

Arun is based in southern California. Arun paints daily - to him painting is a way to process and memorialize his personal experiences, celebrate life and come to terms with challenges. Just as immigration and travel have shaped his life thus far, his artwork often tackles isolation, cultural conflict and colonial history. The resulting art is very personal and reflective of his personality. He attributes the variety of themes and the quick brush movements to his short attention span and dyslexic tendencies. The colorful palette results from his upbringing in India. Living in California inspired Arun to make realistic seascapes wh... [More]