Trumpet Man

Trumpet Man emerged from spontaneous imagery while I drew on canvas. Colors pursue a dialogue with music, using earth tones to convey jazz and the blues. White areas promote three-dimensional qualities. Trumpet Man‘s teeth work as his finger buttons making him one with his instrument.

Artist: Jill D. Lefkowitz
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas mounted on a Floating Wooden Frame
Dimensions: 26" X 1" X 22"
Size: Medium
Created: 2017
Status: Available
Subscription Plan: Art Lover ($99)
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About the Artist: Jill D. Lefkowitz

South Florida Artist and Make-up Artist, Jill was born in Queens, New York, and studied painting at NYU.  While studying at NYU, Jill worked as a make-up artist on music videos and films. Jill felt “painting faces” on actors and musicians was a natural extension as an artist.  She continues to work on major motion pictures and television series. But, her primary passion, painting, has come to the forefront.  Her two-dimensional canvases reflect cultural influences from all over the world. Jill’s paintings emerge as sculptural illusions, showcasing abundant color surrounded by black outlines.  Her sculptural illusion inspired... [More]