Wilderness Transport

Original oil painting on canvas panel, i.e. canvas which is mounted to a quarter-inch Baltic Birch panel. The painting comes with its frame and is ready to hang. The frame adds a few inches to the measurements listed below. The painting is based on a classic landscape in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. I sometimes in a monochromatic palette, such as umber or sepia, when painting a scene which I feel has a nostalgic or yesteryear quality to it.

Artist: Rodgers Naylor
Medium: Oil on canvas panel
Dimensions: 20" X 1" X 16"
Size: Medium
Created: 2016
Status: Available
Subscription Plan: Art Enthusiast ($49)
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About the Artist: Rodgers Naylor

Rodgers Naylor studied drawing at a classical atelier in Minneapolis and painting at the Art Students League in Denver. Both experiences strongly influence his work today, as he finds that an accurate and believable drawing (or placement of shapes) provides a solid structure for a looser and more playful application of final colors and texture. Rodgers takes a strong interest in the effects of light and shadow and warm/cool colors and in the relationship between the landscape and its human inhabitants. Each painting is both an abstract composition of light and dark shapes, and the starting point of a story whose details and conclusions m... [More]