Artist’s FAQs

Welcome to Get The Gallery, and thank you for considering our service.  Get the Gallery is a new platform changing the way that people can enjoy art and providing you new opportunities to connect and engage with hard to find art enthusiasts, lovers, and collectors.  Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below to determine whether Get the Gallery is right for you.

What is different about Get the Gallery?

Unlike other online art galleries specializing in the sale of original or limited print artwork, Get the Gallery focuses on providing our subscribers freedom and flexibility to complete their living spaces with stunning, original, and rotating work from today’s most talented creators, all for reasonable monthly fees.

Any work you feature on your artist page will be available for Get the Gallery subscribers to rent for short or long term.  For providing users this flexibility, you will receive a monthly commission payment each month your work(s) is/are actively in use.

How much does it cost for an artist to sign up?

It is free for artists to set up an account on Get the Gallery.  Click here to get started.

Are there any specifics I should be aware of before signing up and submitting work?

Yes.  All work submitted on Get the Gallery should be “ready to hang” meaning:

  1. Your work has proper, and professional, hanging hardware installed.
  2. If You used paint, the paint is completely dry.
  3. If You used adhesive, the adhesive is fully cured and dry.
  4. If You used odorous materials (examples:  Spray Paint, Paint Thinners, Adhesives, etc.) The work has had time to off gas and is odor free.

How does the commission plan and payment work?

Get the Gallery offers our subscribers three monthly subscription plans:

  1. Art Enthusiast – $49/month
  2. Art Lover – $99/month
  3. Art Collector – $149/month

After submission of your work(s) to your Artist Profile, your work(s) will be assigned to one of these three subscription plans based on:

  1. Actual size of work (Frame measurement included)
  2. Gallery price for work

When a subscriber rents your work, you will receive 50% of the customer’s monthly subscription dues, paid in the month following outgoing shipping from your location.


  • Artwork Dimension: 11” x 17”
  • Gallery Cost: $800
  • Subscription Level: Art Enthusiast

Artist will receive $24.50 per month each month this piece is actively being rented by a Get the Gallery subscriber.

Is there a limit to the commissions I will generate on Get the Gallery?

Yes.  Get the Gallery will pay an artist at least 60% commissions of the gallery price for each work featured on our site through our monthly commission plan.  Once an artist has been paid 60% of the gallery price for a specific work, Get the Gallery will have “purchased” the work and will contact the artist to execute a bill of sale.

Where is my artwork stored while waiting to be rented?

Your artwork is stored on site at your location while waiting to be rented by Get the Gallery subscribers.

Where is my artwork returned after the rental concludes?

After a subscriber decides to return rented artwork, they will mail the work directly to you, and the address on record in your artist profile page.  It is your responsibility for ensuring this mailing address is accurate.

Who will pay for outgoing and return shipping?

Get the Gallery will pay for outgoing and return shipping for our artist partners and our subscribers.  You will be responsible for dropping your work off at a UPS location within 72 hours of receiving a Rental Notification email.  Within 48 hours of delivery of your Rental Notification email, the Get the Gallery team will email you Shipping Documents, including your shipping labels.  For more information refer to our Packaging and Delivery Guidelines.

What happens if my work is damaged in the rental process?

Get the Gallery carries an exhibitor insurance policy and will compensate our artist partners up to 60% of the gallery price of their artwork if a piece has been damaged and is non-repairable.

Can I promote and sell my work on other vendor sites while also listing it on Get the Gallery?

Yes, you can actively promote the work you are featuring on Get the Gallery on other vendor sites.  As part of your Artist Submission Terms and Conditions, if a piece is sold on another vendor’s site while actively being rented by a GtG subscriber, we retain the right to honor the full rental window before making the piece available to you for execution of the sale.

Can I sell my work on Get the Gallery?

Yes, you can sell your work on Get the Gallery in one of two ways:

  • Directly to Get the Gallery. As mentioned above, once Get the Gallery has paid an artist 60% of the gallery price of their work through monthly commissions, Get the Gallery will have purchased the piece and will reach out to each artist to execute the transfer of ownership.
  • Directly to a Get the Gallery subscriber: Should a subscriber wish to purchase your work either outright from the Get the Gallery site, or after renting the work for a time you will be compensated as outlined below:
    1. Purchase Outright:
      1. i) 60/40 gallery price commission split.
      2. ii) 60% of gallery price to the artist.
  • iii) 40% of gallery price to Get the Gallery.
  1. Purchase After Rental:
    1. i) 50% monthly subscription split each month the piece is rented.
    2. ii) 10% credit toward gallery price upon subscriber’s purchase.
  • iii) Then, 60% of gallery price to the artist, 40% to Get the Gallery upon sale.


$1,000 gallery price artwork.  Rented four (4) months by an art enthusiast.  Subscriber decides to purchase piece in month four.  Artist will receive:

  • Monthly Commissions: $98.00 in monthly commission ($24.50 x 4 months)
  • Subscriber Credit: 10% of original $1,000 gallery price:  $1,000 x 10% = $900.00
  • New Gallery Price: $850 x 60% = $540 commission paid to artist upon sale.
  • Total Compensation to Artist: $638.00
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