How Art Subscription Services are Changing the Industry

“Art subscription services make obtaining art cheaper, more convenient, and more easily accessible, therefore attracting a more diverse group of consumers, and helping the industry to expand and grow.” Art subscription services are transforming the art-buying industry. With just one monthly payment and various styles to choose from, consumers are given the opportunity to conveniently rent art online, commitment-free.  Try-Before-You-Buy Art subscription services make possible the ‘try-before-you-buy’, hassle-free method of obtaining artwork for your home. As the consumer, decorating your home with art is made easier because artwork becomes that much more accessible.  Selecting the right colors and themes for art in your home can be difficult without being able to actually see it in your home first. It may be hard to visualize artwork in your space when seeing it in a store, or especially at an art gallery where you are experiencing sensory overload.  Art subscription services allow the consumer to actually see the artwork in their home, before deciding if they want to make the commitment. The best part is, there is actually no commitment needed at all, because the subscription service allows consumers to keep the artwork for as long as they please and then swap it out for something else when they are ready. Expands the Demographic This opportunity attracts a demographic who wants to have artwork in their home but may be inexperienced in buying art and therefore hesitant to go into an intimidating art gallery to make a purchase. It also attracts the younger demographic who may want art [...]

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5 Ways Art Can Add Value to a Home

Don’t sell your living space short; it should be a space that reflects all of the most interesting parts of you!  Have you felt that your living space was lacking a certain sense of comfort or personalization?  Interior design can seem daunting when trying to figure out where to begin. If you have struggled to create a theme or design, or simply want your space to look more interesting, artwork can add great value to your home. Arts Adds to Existing Decor Adding artwork to a home can accent aspects of your current interior design such as furniture, rugs, wall colors, etc. If you’ve ever painted a room, selected furniture, and then stood back to look it over and just felt like there was something missing, a really well-fitting piece of art may have been just what you needed to complete the room.  Maybe your furniture and wall colors are sort of drab and a colorful piece of art would really pop in the room and give the room some character. Or maybe your room is overwhelmed with color and what you need is a simple, neutral piece that provides a sense of calm within the chaos. Finding the right type of artwork that complements your space can help you complete your interior design. Art Provides a Focal Point for Other Decor Interior design can be really daunting, especially when starting with a completely new space. Finding a piece of artwork that you really like can provide you with a focal point to design off [...]

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Want to Decorate with Art? Start Here!

Get the Gallery offers an innovative, commitment-free method of obtaining artwork to decorate your home: renting art! Do you ever find yourself at home, looking at your bare walls and thinking “Wow, I really need to put some artwork up”? Is the very thought of actually purchasing artwork super intimidating and overwhelming?  The traditional ways of purchasing art have always been either going to a department chain store and buying some mass-produced piece of art, and then later walking into your next-door neighbor’s house to find that they have the same exact piece in their bathroom, or going to an art gallery and spending your entire life savings on a piece you may no longer want to look at in a year or two.  Let’s face it, we live in a modern world full of endless choices; everyone is suffering from commitment issues. To make decorating with art easier, ditch the idea of cheapened, mass-produced art and avoid the snooty art galleries. Instead, let’s learn about art memberships and how they can save you hours spent on decorating. What does Get the Gallery Offer? Get the Gallery offers an innovative, commitment-free method of obtaining artwork to decorate your home: renting art! You can select from a variety of styles and artists, to find the most suitable piece of artwork for your space. The best part is you get to choose when you would like to swap out your piece for another.  The idea of being able to switch out art pieces was sparked by one [...]

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